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SOLIDitech Year End Party

SOLIDitech Year End Party is a ‘Dine with the Fishes’ Extravaganza

2016 Has been a fantastic year for SOLIDitech – and for that we would love to thank firstly our customers, and secondly our staff and their families. Without our wonderful, dedicated, and super-skilled staff, we would certainly not be where we are today, nor would we be looking forward to a very exciting 2017 ahead.

To celebrate the year, and to thank our staff and their partners, whose support we deeply appreciate and value, we enjoyed a Mobster-themed ‘Dine with the Fishes’ extravaganza on Thursday 3rd November at Cape Town’s 2 Oceans Aquarium. Our biggest year-end function to date (thanks mostly to our terrific HR team and their hiring prowess), we had an absolute ball. Highlights were certainly the beautiful tanks, wonderful food and decor, everyone’s magnificent effort in adhering to the theme (Tim, your concrete boots were the best!), and of course – the giant turtle in the main tank who made a grand appearance during Charles’s opening speech.


Don’t forget, if you’d like to apply for any of our current vacancies, you can do so using our automated recruitment process on our Current Vacancies Page.

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