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SOLIDitech Sponsors UCT Devsoc Program

Traditionally, University holiday periods are filled with vacation work/internship opportunities for students. However, with so many companies currently working remotely many regular programs have been cancelled/postponed. Identifying this early on, UCT’s Developer Society (Devsoc) initiated a 3-week Student Engagement Program during the Winter 2020 holidays. 

As a keen supporter of the next generation of software engineers, SOLIDitech was proud to sponsor the program. 

SOLIDitech sponsored week 1 of the program, titled “Web Applications Running on a Server”. The SOLIDitech week involved a coding competition where Devsoc members were asked to create a web application that helped solve a problem around COVID-19. We also delivered a ‘TechTalk’ midway through the week. Rayne Martin, one of our senior SOLIDitech Engineers, delivered a killer presentation on running web applications on a server which included ‘Tips from the Coalface’. 

The goal was to provide the students with some practical, real-world experience during the vacation period and an opportunity to learn about web applications from an industry expert. 

The presentation was well-received and attended by over 35 participants. Rayne took the participants through a SOLID-based case study, explaining in-depth about a challenge to create an internal web application that would be able to host Java coding challenges. The presentation also included a live demo. He then went on to answer every question thrown at him, including ones like “if the load balancer was also a reverse proxy…” 

SOLIDitech ‘Web Application’ Competition Winners

A huge congratulations goes out to the three winners for their fantastic project submissions; they were truly deserving of their respective prizes.

First place: Humphrey Chiramba

Humphrey created a web app where users can get medical advice without having to check into a hospital or sports clinic.

Second Place: Kialan Pillay 

Kialan created a very useful hub for daily essential information. No searching. No scrolling.

Third place: Dan Nuttal

Dan created a social distancing web app to control the number of people in a store/restaurant.

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