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Sales Management

All of your Sales Tools in One Place

Sales Management from Quote to Provisioning

Create a new lead, generate a quote using your branded template and send it off. Then, track its progress through the sales cycle. SOLID’s Sales Management tools ensure your sales team always has a clear view of an order’s status without having to track it through multiple teams.

Sales Management | Quote to new customer services activation

Quote Wizard

Quickly and easily fill in quote details, lines and commissions.

Full Customer History

All activity and outgoing communication is captured within the customer’s details so their full history is available to you at the click of a button.

Easy-to-use Interface

Quickly and easily add leads, generate branded quotes, convert leads and view their order status through the progress bar.

Proposal Generation

Automated proposal generation with the ability to email directly to the customer, complete with email tracking.

Integrated with Billing & Finance

Invoices are generated and are available in real-time within the customer’s profile. The transaction is reflected immediately within your financials.

Branded & Encrypted PDF’s

All quotes are generated using your uniquely branded templates and are 128bit encrypted to prevent tampering.

Electronic Proposal Acceptance

Reduce the amount of paperwork your sales team generates with EPA (Electronic Proposal Acceptance).

In-Depth Reporting

Report on your sales funnel and sales activity from a number of dimensions such as product grouping and agent.

Available Anywhere

SOLID is a web-based platform that is available anywhere, any time and through any internet enabled device – so it’s ready to work whenever you are.

Dynamic Price Handling with Quote Builder


Allows you to offer your customers an expanded and more dynamic product range


Enables ‘bolt-on’ product options


Easily configurable to respond to market changes

For Fibre Providers, Dynamic Price Handling Built on Geographic Regions

Regions are mapped out and their status monitored from within SOLID.

SOLID uses GPS coordinates to automatically detect if a customer is ‘within region’ and adjusts workflow and/or pricing accordingly using dynamic price handling through our Quote Builder Tool.

  • Run reports to determine profitability of a region
  • View region data on customers, orders and transactions
  • Can handle complex cases
  • Pricing wizards and bundle builders

Sales Management | Quote to new customer services activation

Automation Keeps your Sales Team One Step Ahead

Improve your workflow by writing your own rules. Simplify and streamline your sales processes based on your unique business needs. Automatically assign Account Managers, Sales Managers and Collection Agents to reduce internal processing times and improve your bottom line.

Lead managament

Everything is Billed and Accounted For

SOLID Sales Management is fully integrated with SOLID Billing, Financials and Collections through automated workflows. This means that every product and service that is added or removed from a customer’s account is invoiced and accounted for.

  • Generate an encrypted PDF quote using your chosen branded template and email it to your customer
  • Once the quote has been accepted, it is converted to a sales order which activates the service provisioning process
Generate encrypted quote
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