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Automated Provisioning

Automated Customer Service Activations

Automated Provisioning from a Unified Platform

Capture a sale or upgrade and the system will automatically activate the required services in accordance with your defined processes and business rules. Minimise revenue leakage by ensuring that all changes to an account’s status are propagated to remote systems instantly. Make sure that customers always receive the products or services they are paying for.

Provisioning with SOLID

Peace of Mind

Once the business rules have been loaded, they drive the provisioning process. This gives you complete assurance that everything is done correctly, every time.

Support Integration Protocols

SOLID supports an array of integration protocols including: Webservice, LDAP, JDBC, REST, XML and user defined protocols

Manage Product Lifecycles Centrally

Quickly and easily propagate changes.

Project Management Tools

Integrated directly into your automated operations.

Mobile App to Manage Field Work

Used by 3rd party contractors and fully integrated with your automated workflows to manage job queues, site visits and proof of completed work documentation and Job photos.

Application access is Authorised through SOLID.

Mobile Screen Shot
Completely integrated with SOLID Workflows

SOLID Order/Support triggers a workflow via normal channels in the system.

Assigned Jobs display in App Job Queue

Jobs are assigned to contractors within SOLID and appear in the relevant contractors job queue with all the customers’ and job details.

Customers are notified of site visit

Customers receive a notification detailing which contractor to expect on which day in addition to a photograph of the contractor. Reminder SMS’s are also automatically generated.

Job Management Completed through App

Contractor initiates a job through the app, recording actions taken and attaching photographic proof of work completed.

Stock Management & Tracking

Scan, track and manage stock from within the SOLID Mobile App.

MWEB Launches LTE-Advanced on SOLID in Just 10 Days

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When Internet Solutions launched the new Rain LTE platform to the South African ISP market, the race was on for ISPs to be able to offer this exciting new service to their customers “yesterday” (as they say).

Remove Manual Bottlenecks

Traditionally, service provisioning is a manual process that requires the assistance of several people in several roles and involves multiple steps. End-to-end, the process could take anything from days to weeks.

SOLID automates the provisioning process using pre-defined procedures to create workflows. These remove manual bottlenecks and increase agent accountability.

Respond rapidly to service change requests and drastically reduce turnaround times.


SOLID’s versatile and efficient design coupled with consistent automated workflows allow for easy scalability. Scale from an entry level system managing 15,000 accounts on a single desktop computer, to managing over 1 million accounts through local servers or cloud hosting options.


Every change to the system and customer database is recorded, creating a full audit history and encouraging accountability.

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