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Freeing up Time to Focus on Growing your Bottom Line

This is Fully Integrated Accounting Software

SOLID contains all the features of a traditional accounting software package, seamlessly connected to your central customer database and other business tools such as Provisioning, Collections and Billing. This allows everyone to work from a single source of finance, sales and customer data, enabling faster, more accurate reporting.

SOLID Financials | Fully integrated accounting software

Automated Revenue Deferral

Bill for any desired period and SOLID will split the revenue across periods automatically.

Virtual Organisations

Invoice different legal entities selling a shared product catalogue.

Real-Time & Historic Reporting

Generate real-time financial reports and statements to get an accurate understanding of what is happening within your business.

Fixed Asset Management

Maintain and control the complete lifecycle across depreciating or non-depreciating assets from creation to depreciation, revaluation and disposal.

Detailed Revenue Reports

Make better commercial decisions by knowing how much revenue you’re generating on a product-by-product basis.

Automated Bank Reconciliation

All bank statement items will be automatically matched to your ledger account transactions, reducing the number of manual processes.

VAT Reporting Compliance

Ensure you remain VAT compliant by using SOLID’s Input, Output and Zero-rated VAT reporting tools.

Interest on Overdue Payments

Overdue accounts can automatically accrue interest charges.

Invoice in Multiple Currencies

While SOLID works on a base currency of your choice you are able to invoice and receipt in multiple currencies to match your multi-geographic market.

Effective Financial Controls

SOLID supports best practice financial approvals and controls, including formal financial periods – safeguarding your financial reporting integrity. Improve your credit memo controls with multi-level credit request approval rules tailored to your business rules.

Debtor & Creditor Age Analysis

Determine the financial health of your customers, and therefore your business with Age Analysis reports. These reports can be run in real-time to reflect the most current information. Age analysis is useful when determining if the market is slowing down or if your business is taking greater credit risk in the sales process.

Make prudent decisions about whether or not to keep doing business with customers that are chronically late payers.

Accounting Software | Debtor and Creditor Age Analysis

Financial Reports & Statements

SOLID’s financial modules allow for the generation of real-time provisional and historic financial statements. Cost centres can be configured and financial periods customised. Set up and manage all of your general ledger accounts. The system automatically dispatches invoices and statements.

Financial reports and statement

Receipts & Refunds

Receipts are created either via bank imports, debit order runs, cash till or directly. All receipting and transactions raised against the bank account are reconciled. Receipts can be viewed and emailed along with statements. Direct receipts can be generated at any time via the Financial Receipts module.

Accounting Software - receipts and refunds
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