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Customer Support

Deliver Consistently Exceptional Customer Support

Be More Productive, Resolve More Cases, and Satisfy Your Customers

Manage, track and report on customer queries, faults and service provisioning. Avoid frustrated customers and longer-than-required response times. Deliver consistently exceptional customer support.

Customer Support | Customer support management software

Automatic and Manual Ticket Creation

Support tickets are created automatically or manually from incoming emails and faxes, and assigned a unique reference number, ensuring no customer query is forgotten.

Managed Field Services

Mobile App Supports Call Outs, Engineer Tracking, and Integrated Invoicing from Call Out Charges

Integrated Workflows

Integrated workflows defined by your business rules are used for managing complex processes and manual service provisioning.

Connect with Your Customer Base

Support tickets are automatically associated with the correct customer and move through your internal processes via workflows which notify relevant staff members.

Customer Support - Assign Tickets

Assign, Resolve and Move On

Assign, resolve and win a satisfied customer on every query with SOLID Customer Support.

Staff manage tickets through their individual ticket centres and can see both:

  1. Tickets tasked directly to them
  2. Tickets tasked to anyone with their job role or responsibility

Tickets can be claimed, actioned and reassigned accordingly.

And since every support conversation and action is logged inside the customer’s ticket, you know who else from your team has been working on it, and what they said.

Track What Needs your Attention, Now.

Prioritise which support tickets need your attention now, and which ones can wait.

Manage and track the progress of a support ticket from it’s opening to resolution using your ticket inbox and automatic notifications.

Your ticket inbox is your home on SOLID where you have a clear view of every work item that’s assigned to you, and which functional area it’s from.

Automatic notifications let you see when an action is required either by you, or by someone else with your role or responsibility.

Customer Support notifications
Customer Support | Statistics and reports

Get the Insights you Need

Real-time reporting tools let you dig into the details and easily find the information you’re looking for.


  • How many and which tickets are currently unresolved
  • The progress made on unresolved tickets
  • How long a ticket has been open for
  • Age analysis on unresolved tickets
  • Average resolution times
  • Level of performance by agent or team
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