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Optimise your Sales-To-Collections Cycle

Capture the Order Once and the Rest is Taken Care Of

SOLID eliminates manual bottlenecks and errors, fast-tracking the sales-to-collections cycle. Capture the order once and the integrated SOLID workflow engine ensures successful order fulfilment, service  provisioning, invoicing and collection.

This is connected billing.

Billing SOLIDitech

Recurring, Usage and Ad Hoc billing

Choose from a range of billing periods and charge for overages or ad hoc amounts.

Automatic & Manual Invoicing

Invoices are based on your chosen branded template and created in html and PDF formats.

Customers & Partners

SOLID supports complex master-child, customer and partner relationships to cater for all aspects of your business, now and in the future.

Fully Integrated

SOLID integrates sales, billing, accounting and provisioning to improve quote accuracy, eliminate billing errors, improve collections and drive service accuracy and efficiency.

100% Auditable

Every change to the system and customer database is recorded to give you a fully auditable history.

Split Invoice Groups

Easily manage split invoices.

Branded & Encrypted PDF Invoices

All invoices are generated using branded templates and are 128bit encrypted to prevent tampering.

Completely Scalable

The extensible ‘define your own billing rule’ feature is always there for any future billing model you can imagine.

Email Invoice Delivery

Send invoices and payment reminders via email or through traditional mailings. This is configured on a per customer basis.

Electronic Signer Integration (ESD)

SOLID supports ESD integration to automate generating revenue Authority Compliant TAX invoices for Kenya, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. Just another example of how our software was built in Africa for Africa.

Wholesale Billing

Easily invoice 10,000 lines using a 1-page attachment with Excel breakdown.

Raise Interest Charges on Overdue Accounts

Monitor which accounts are overdue and attach interest charges to those accounts.

Payments are allocated to the oldest open invoice in a debtor’s account and compound interest methodologies are applied.

Discounting Structures

Give your sales team the flexibility to sell at non-standard pricing while being supported by approvals and controls.

Flexible pricing on a per-quote or per-contract basis lets sales teams increase or decrease pricing accordingly.

Scalable Billing

SOLID is a billing engine you can count on.

Run 10 – 500,000 invoice lines in around 10 minutes on SOLID.

With no additional modules to purchase or development to be done, SOLID scales up or down to suit your requirements.

SOLID was built to be efficient and to formalise processes through high quality automated workflows. This ensures a guaranteed consistency of process.

The Power of SOLID is Automated Workflows

SOLID’s automated workflows are built specifically for you and are based on your unique business rules. Build in your own competitive advantage by automating your previously manual admin tasks. This reduces operating costs and grows your bottom line.

SOLID is a purpose-built unified platform where each component is inherently connected, allowing for a completely free flow of data from one functional area to another. This allows for cross-functional workflows. For example, from Customer Management, to Provisioning, to Billing and Financials.

Billing output reporting

Billing Software that Provides Clear Insights

SOLID billing software comes standard with a full set of reports to ensure that you have all the information you need to understand your business.

Billing Output Reports
Check whether your bill run conforms to expectations, or if it needs to be rolled back to make changes before re-running.

Invoice Detail Report
Collate information per selectable filter such as business division, invoice status, date or period.

Revenue Assurance Reports
Accurately capture revenue for all services rendered.

Custom Reports
Extract real-time data on any aspect of the billing process.

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