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Fully automated YahClick Products from Sales to Support

All Yahclick Satellite broadband services are supported natively on the SOLID platform

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Automate order fulfillment

SOLID automates YahClick Sales Order processing, such as inserting new YahClick contracts and invoicing customers upon successful provisioning.

Automated service suspension periods

Automatically suspend and send notification emails at the right time.

Single-click YahClick service admin

SOLID propagates to remote systems instantly so you can manage service status changes directly.

Single-click to YahClick user portal

SOLID provides you with single-click access to the YahClick end-user portal.

Single-click site status view

Track and manage YahClick customer site statuses.

Automate install detection

SOLID automates the YahClick service provisioning process with real-time status detection of newly installed sites, automated activation of the YahClick service on your customer account and 1-Click detailed status view on every YahClick service account.

Automated upgrades and downgrades

Simply upgrade or downgrade any YahClick service by selecting the existing service subaccount and completing the order process.

Track promotional contract periods

Promotional periods are managed accurately and automatically.

Single-click Hughes modem access

Empower your support staff with real time access to system status and transmission information.

Integrated reseller portal access

Easily manage your reseller partners and enable them with self-service access.

Single-click FAP token purchases

Real-time 3 step process.

Available Anywhere

SOLID is a web-based platform that is available anywhere, any time and through any internet enabled device – so it’s ready to work whenever you are.

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