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Automation Reduced Outstanding Billables and Created Significant Time-Savings for this Ugandan ISP

A referral from within the industry led TruIT to SOLIDitech. They moved from an existing billing and accounting system with manual workflow processing, and error-prone billing processes with a high percentage of outstanding billables, to a fully automated business operations platform.

The key results of which have been a significant reduction in outstanding billables, and timely preparation of month end reports and computation of VAT returns, resulting in significant time-savings.

About TruIT

TruIT is an I.T. Solutions firm that focuses on advising businesses on how best to harness current industry best practices, information technologies and services to meet their business objective. Through the provision of IT Service management as a strategic asset with an end of leveraging their clients to efficiently meet their goals; as their mission.

Headquarters: Uganda


Before adopting the SOLID Business Automation Platform, TruIT was experiencing a number of problems, namely:

Highlights of the Callkey Networks SOLID implementation:

  • Laborious and error-prone manual billing corrections and suspension tracking
  • Disconnected synchronisation of billing with upstream service providers
  • Lack of timely reports regarding new subscribers or changes in service plans

This resulted in a large percentage of outstanding billables and significant time spent managing the manual collections, suspension, billing, and month-end processes.

TruIT were looking for a single automated solution to address most of their operational challenges.

“The biggest reason I would recommend SOLID is because it’s a single platform that automates our entire operational workflow, from the lead stage or quotation right through to installation and finally billing.”

Adrian Muyinda
How SOLIDitech Helped

After being referred to SOLIDitech, TruIT was introduced to the SOLID platform and realised it had all the features required to address their challenges.

As a fully automated operations platform designed specifically for ISPs, SOLID has automated TruIT’s full customer lifecycle; from Lead Management to Billing, Collections, Financials, Customer Databases and Reporting.
Highlights of the platform for TruIT:

  • 100% Automated billing: Accurate billing that requires minimal manual input
  • Automated Workflows: Ensures processes are completed consistently and flow seamlessly with authorisations from the relevant departments. This enables timely audits and high levels of quality control
  • Customer Management: Each customer’s full product, financial and communication history is recorded within an easy-to-use central database. This makes it easy to find information such as contracts, billing and quotes, tickets and any other documents uploaded to the client’s accounts

“Our initial interaction with the SOLIDitech team introducing the SOLID platform and its features made us realise that it was exactly what we needed to address most of our internal issues.”

Adrian Muyinda
The Results

The biggest wins for TruIT regarding the adoption of the SOLID platform have been:

  • Significant reduction in outstanding billables
  • Timely preparation of month-end reports
  • Timely computation of VAT returns

Furthermore, the SOLID platform has allowed TruIT stricter control and management of client billing and the collections process, including automatic suspensions for non-payment and reconnections. This, along with the ability to quickly and easily adjust customer invoices accordingly has allowed them to focus their time and resources on dealing with case exceptions, rather than the process as a whole.


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