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SOLIDitech Customer Testimonials

Don’t just believe us – listen to what our customers have to say:

“When searching for Clients and Contracts, the Searching Engine is really reliable”

Nicolene Gates

“Very user-friendly, quoting made easy and quoting for acceptance makes the sales process so much more convenient for my clients.”


“Credit notes are easily processed. I love the export statement tab, easily assisting my clients with statements from years back.”


“I have worked on many platforms before and still do, and SOLID is by far the most capable, user-friendly platform out there. There is nothing missing on this platform!”


“The SOLID platform is outstanding, it has increased my efficiency by at least 300% in the workplace. Thank you very much for this service.”


“SOLID is a safe program, professional and straight to the point. It’s got all the necessary features, and is very easy to use. It’s the best system I’ve ever seen in my 10 years in the IT industry.”


“SOLID’s transparency from a system and resource perspective is remarkable. The knowledge sharing emails are also pretty neat as it gives the user’s exposure and insight to functionality that we would not NECESSARILY be aware of. The SOLID team are an awesome bunch, but most importantly they come with an immense amount of skill.”


“I find it so easy to use you can literally do anything with a client’s account with this program. 10/10.”


“Since my earliest involvement with the SOLIDitech Team at MWEB, I have found them to be world class in many ways; their representation daily when dealing with our projects has always been fair, courteous and above all, professional in every respect.”


“I Love the quick and seamless interactions.”


“The SOLIDitech team are extremely knowledgeable about the software that they create and finding new ways to implement our sometimes crazy ideas. I cherish their support in making better products and services that we can provide to our customers!”



“SOLID is an all-in-one platform to view your client database, contracts associated to them and ADDITIONAL information you may require. It makes cross-departmental functions easy. It’s so great words don’t define the ease and effortless and seamless integration it offers.” 

“On the very first day we went live with the SOLID platform in April 2014 we saw the highest collections rate we had ever seen”

Nadim Chidiac

“SOLIDitech are veterans of the African ISP industry, they have an extremely intimate understanding of the ISP business and challenges with a genuine passion of improving business processes.”

Adrian Punt, SOLIDitech Customer

“SOLID automatically reconciles deferred revenue, payments that are auto-allocated, and the banks accounts reconciliations.  Also the Refund process in SOLID made a huge difference in our world”

Carina Burger, MWEB Billing Manager

“The solution does everything we need it to, and more. SOLID is a modern, user-friendly full Business Automation Platform. It’s most suited for businesses with a focus on growth as it expands with your business and continuous development from the SOLIDitech team means new features are regularly available for users.”

Moses Opondo - Finance Manager, Callkey Networks
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