Looking for a SOLIDitech Career?

Why would you want to work at SOLIDitech?
Well, we make a difference.

That may sound cheesy, but to the businesses we work with, it’s very true.

We talk to businesses, find out what’s frustrating them and figure out how we can help them and their customers. We figure out how they want their business to work, and develop a solution that’s built to support those unique business rules and processes.

Our engineering team gets to solve business problems (because that’s what real engineers do) in radical new ways, using cutting-edge software development techniques such as Agile Delivery, Continuous Integration, Automated Testing, Real-time Monitoring and weekly release cycles.

We are constantly innovating and finding better ways to deliver really high-quality software that solves real business problems … and our clients LOVE IT! … Pretty cool huh?

But hard work and no play makes for a sad day…

So we make sure there’s plenty of cool stuff going around:

  • Doughnuts on Fridays
  • A surprise on your birthday
  • Monthly team lunches
  • Wicked cool team building events
  • Some pretty cool offices
  • Some amazingly funny work colleagues


  • and more coffee than you can shake a stick at
So Who are We?

In Short: a pretty geeky bunch of guys and gals based in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Kenya who believe in working hard for our customers (they always come first). But being fair, having fun and generally making SOLID a cool place to work comes in a seriously close second.

And then there’s coffee – which is always a priority.

Our staff are the lifeblood of our business. We pride ourselves on being ‘more than engineers’ and continuously aim to upskill ourselves in areas such as Finance, Project Management and Marketing (to name a few).

But the Biggest Question is: Who are you?

We may not be advertising an open vacancy, but we’re always on the lookout for great people from graduates to the more experienced.

So take our Online Java Dev Challenge and email your CV over to us at recruitment@soliditech.com with a few spiffy opening lines about yourself and who knows, we could be getting in touch.

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