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And our 3D Printer winner is… Jeremy Smith!

And our 3D Printer winner is… Jeremy Smith!

Congratulations to Jeremy Smith, a third year Electrical and Computer Engineering student from UCT who has won our ‘Show us your Skills’ 3D printer giveaway. Jeremy entered our competition during the UCT Technology Career Expo, and managed to get 100% for our online logic quiz, in the fastest time.

Well done Jeremy – we wish you many happy 3D printing hours ahead!

The printer may be won, but you can still ‘show us your skills’

Our staff are the lifeblood of our business. We pride ourselves on being ‘more than engineers’ and continuously aim to upskill and develop ourselves in all areas, such as Software Engineering, Finance and Project Management (to name a few).

We’re continually growing our business, and we want to bring in people who can help us do that; People who are great at solving problems, working with our ever evolving teams and using the latest tech and clever solutions to bring about great results for our customers.

So – visit our Career Pages to kick off your career with SOLID by applying for one of our available positions. At SOLIDitech we like to practice what we preach … automation. As such, we’ve applied our know-how to our interview process to make it streamlined, efficient and convenient for you. Our first round interview process is available online – 24 hours a day – to fit into your schedule.

Go on, give it a go – and see if you have what it takes to join our SOLID team….

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