SOLID is a Software Platform that Unifies and

Automates Business Processes

SOLID Automates your Entire Customer Lifecycle

From Lead Management through to Customer Management, Provisioning, Billing, Collections and Customer Support – SOLID does everything you need it to.

SOLID is an automation platform that:

  • Consists of a series of abstract models for CRM, billing, service management, ticketing, workflow, reporting, auditing, security and more
  • It is configured to suit your business rules and requirements, not the other way around
  • SOLID is a Browser-based Software-as-Service platform with real-time data accessibility

We empower our customers to get the most from the platform.

With SOLID You Get Tools That Give You
Visibility, Efficiency and Consistency


Business agility and flexibility are essential to remaining competitive.

Having the right information, in the right place and in the right format, helps make those key decisions a bit easier.

SOLID lets you concentrate on what the data means, rather than on how to get hold of the data you need.


Happier customers and reduced operating costs mean a healthier long term future.

Manual processes create unnecessary bottlenecks which absorb resources and take time to clear.

SOLID automates your back-end processes which gives you time to focus on delighting your customers and removes the need for additional resources.


Delivering consistently excellent customer service means happy long-term customers.

Customers interact with your team and brand, from support representatives to online portals.

SOLID enables the consistent delivery of these services based on your unique business rules and workflows.

Keep your Team One Step Ahead

Simplify and streamline your processes based on your unique business needs. SOLID Automates your operations with a series of abstract models that connect to provide an end-to-end automated experience. Simply plug in your own business rules to improve your bottom line.

Automated Lead Management Process

Don’t waste your time managing order logistics and collections. Automate those, and then focus on what really matters, your customers.

Real Customers Already Benefitting from SOLID