Focus on your Customers and let us Automate the Admin

Lead & Customer Management • Provisioning • Billing • Collections • Support
For ADSL, VSAT and Fibre providers.

Designed for ISPs

Automate all of your back-end admin functions from Agent Sales & Support to Provisioning to Collections – Everything an ISP needs.

Customised for You

Your SOLID is unique to your business. Our Automation cleverness is configured exactly to the processes that bring you competitive advantage.

Available Everywhere

Web-based and brilliantly responsive SOLID is available anywhere, anytime, and on any Internet enabled device.

Find out what it means to be automated. Read the guide.

Integrated Software is Better

We get it. Your business has grown up over the years – and as you’ve grown you’ve ended up with a bunch of cool (but disconnected) software packages. These databases have valuable data inside them… but they don’t really make sense in isolation. Reporting can be tough too. Integrated software is better (much better) – here’s why:

All-in-one Toolset

SOLID’s full suite of tools fit together seamlessly to ensure you get an end-to-end solution that lets you concentrate on your business, rather than on connecting different pieces of software together.

A Single Data Capture Point

SOLID utilises a single database, that’s it. Each staff member, reseller or customer has a view of the data that is appropriate to their access level. One database means less admin, and fewer errors.

Global Real-Time Reporting

SOLID’s completely integrated structure, high level metrics and detailed breakdown reports allow you to see what’s going on with every section of your business at any time, in real time.

Configured for Your Business

We start with your business first and the software second. SOLID is a framework where rules are configured and set-up based on your unique business rules and workflows.

But Don’t Take Our Word For it

With a 100% Retention Rate – Our Customers Success is Our Success. Click through to see what they say.

Let us Take a Look at Your Business

Book a personal demo of our SOLID Business Automation Software. We’ll chat about your business, you’ll tell us about your challenges and we’ll work together to find a new way forward for you to achieve your goals.